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Psychiatric Service Dogs!

On October 1st, 2000, Bob Taylor, the founder of Dog Wish, Inc., formally instituted training Psychiatric Service Dogs as his primary, full time occupation. Seeing the social psycho trends in our present world, Bob decided that the greatest future challenge and concern would be to train dogs for those disabled...
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Success Stories of DogWish Recipients

Hear how Dog Wish service dogs have changed the lives of recipients all over the country.

These heart warming stories will show you why our service dogs are the best in the world!

Dog Wish Blog

Dog Psychology 101; The Thinking Dog

I have just published my latest new book, which can be found at amazon.com It is the most insightful, practical, and useful look into the mind of the canine species on the market to date.

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Dog Wish Anxiety Service Dogs (for Panic Attacks, and P.T.S.D.)

A Dog Wish Service Dog is specifically trained to produce resolution and relief for someone diagnosed with Anxiety disorders and disabilities.Psychologists and Therapists are great at helping us to understand why we feel and experience these horrific things, but when it comes to resolution they either resort to pharmaceutical drugs or prolonged therapies that are only partially successful.

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Cory Curtis

We couldn't be happier with Dog Wish. The dog they trained for us was beyond critique. Our son has some 40 different disability problems, and she was everything we asked for and more. Bob was honest, professional, hard working, and responsive. Right now, he's training our second dog.

Rebecca and Richard Jones

We love Dog Wish!! Our daughter suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for years. Bob and the team at Dog Wish turned our dog Rusty into a SUPER star, and stopped it all. Working with Bob is the greatest! Thank you Dog Wish.